A leather briefcase before and after repair, focusing on the lost buckle and strap that have been repaired and replaced.

At Arbor Trading Post, we understand that each leather piece is more than just an accessory; it's a personal statement, a slice of your lifestyle. That's why our Leather Repair Service is designed to breathe new life into your cherished items. Whether it's a beloved leather handbag that's been with you through countless adventures or a pair of classic leather shoes that have danced the night away, we are here to restore their former glory. We believe repairing and restoring your beloved leather piece not only help preserve those beautiful memories, it also help us reduce waste and save environment as a community.

Our repair process begins with a detailed assessment, where we meticulously examine the leather's condition, identifying areas that need care. Using traditional techniques honed over years, combined with modern precision, we delicately treat each item. From reconditioning dry, aged leather to its supple, luxurious feel, to repairing scuffs and tears that tell stories of your journey, we ensure each repair is as unique as the item itself. We match colors with an artist's eye and stitch with a surgeon's precision, ensuring that each repair not only restores but enhances the beauty of your leather goods.

In choosing Arbor Trading Post's Leather Repair Service, you're not just opting for a repair. You're entrusting us with a part of your story. We're committed to reviving the elegance and style that drew you to your leather piece in the first place, ensuring that every item that leaves our workshop is not only repaired but rejuvenated, ready to accompany you on the next chapter of your journey.

If you have a leather item that needs repair, please following these easy steps:

  • Email us at support@arbortradingpost.com your inquiry. Please attached photos of your item.
  • We will respond within one business day, most likely with questions regarding the details of the repair work.
  • We will give you a price quote that covers material and labor and estimate of finishing time.
  • If we agree to proceed, we will arrange for picking up or dropping off.


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